Bad Day

Bad Day


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8 x 8 hardcover / 32 pages / ages 3+

Further empowering children to love deeply, think critically, and act responsibly, acclaimed artist and author-illustrator Ruby Roth uses her signature trailblazing style to tackle a new topic for kids: managing our inner lives.

In Bad Day, things are not going well for Hennie. Small things loom large, going from bad to worse as the day-that-never-ends goes on. But with a deep breath and some quiet reflection, Hennie begins to make sense of his feelings and discovers the power of turning inward—in his own way, on his own time, without unleashing onto others, and without anyone else trying to “fix” him.

Bad Day offers a groundbreaking message for young children about pausing during a rough moment to productively process their thoughts and feelings and arrive at a sense of calm, clarity, and even joy. Affirming and funny at wonderfully relatable moments, this timely mindfulness resource helps children manage their inner lives, guiding them toward self-empowerment and resilience.

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Ruby discusses Bad Day, how parents handle their kids’ meltdowns, and the childhood challenges that led her to write a feelings book.

A beautiful book that tackles a subject not only necessary, but rarely addressed. Parents are frequently frustrated by what they interpret as stubbornness when their children ‘clam up.’ Ruby’s book speaks for kids, so parents can better understand and deal appropriately with their child’s distress.
— Lynne Bernfield, MA, MFTC, author of When You Can You Will 

Bad Day will become your household’s go-to book in rough moments, teaching children to reflect, monitor, and manage their feelings.” 
Dr. Jenn Mann, MFT, PsyD , author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids 

“A powerful message about the capacity we all have to bring awareness to inevitably tough moments and transform our story to inspire possibility and resilience.” 
Elisha Goldstein, PhD, creator of A Course in Mindful Living 

“From my introvert child to my extrovert, it’s been hard to find the perfect conversation-starter about expressing feelings—until Bad Day. Ruby manages to get right what so many parents miss—the option of teaching our children to sit in a rough moment and release it on their own.” 
Chloé Jo Davis, conscious parenting spokesmama and founder of 

 “Loved this book! It makes it okay for a kid to have a bad day and offers a template for thinking through it. Good for adults, too!”
Ross W. Greene, PhD, author of The Explosive Child

 “I wish I’d had Bad Day when I was growing up, although it’s helpful (and adorable) even now that I’m old.”

 “For children, bad days can be confusing. This lovely, thoughtful book encourages kids to acknowledge their feelings and notice how even bad days can bring about positive outcomes.”
Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of Mindful Games and The Mindful Child   

“Bad Day helps kids (and parents!) become more self-aware and build their emotional intelligence! Its message applies to ages 0-100—you have the power to work through your most complicated emotions in a healthy, positive way.”
Jen Gotch, host of Jen Gotch Is OK...Sometimes    

 “Ruby Roth’s books touch the hearts of so many, both young and old, each with significant meaning and purpose. Bad Day will help children learn that their feelings are valid and teaches, in a meaningful and fun way, how to manage, move through, and find strength in their emotions.” 
Ellen Fisher, YouTube mama vlogger, natural wellness parenting,