That's Why We Don't Eat Animals

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals


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11 x 9 in / 48 pages / ages 4+

The first book of its kind in children’s literature, That’s Why takes a gentle and compassionate look at the plight of animals on factory farms, using gorgeous artwork and lively text to introduce the vegetarianism and veganism to early readers. The leading veg kids’ title around the world, this heartfelt, informative book offers a key resource to inspire parents and children to talk about a timely, increasingly important subject. 

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“This is a powerful and important book. Farm animals have emotions similar to our pets and this is conveyed in Roth's enchanting illustrations. It will make children—and their parents—think. But it will not lead to nightmares, rather respect and compassion for the creatures whose wellbeing is in our hands.” 
—Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

“This is my 3 year old's new favorite book. I was worried about exposing him to the sad dark nature that is the meat industry, but it is described gently and the illustrations are excellent. My vegan family LOVES this book and would recommend it to anyone, vegetarian or not! 
—Christy Hawkins, Georgia

”Thank you for helping me tell an important story to my 9 year old daughter that I could not do on my own as well. Thank you for making it fun, interesting, and beautiful, and for letting my heart connect with what I had already rationally known. 
—Eliah B., California

Is this book scary for kids? 
We’ve never seen a child overwhelmed by these books because each page contains an affirmation about action. For very sensitive children, just remember to relay this message: we never have to fear anything we have the power to change! 

How can I share this book with kids whose parents aren’t veg? 
Gift the book with a message like “Since you asked, this explains why [Uncle Bob] doesn’t eat animals.” Or, just keep the book at your place for curious little visitors. 

What if I don’t have kids? 
These books are great adult novelty items! Keep them on your coffee table, office desk, or in your waiting room and see what happens! Hint, hint: these books are so easy, even adults can understand.