Now, we happen to be alive together in an era in need of course correction and repair.

We’re subject to the imbalance in the Ecological, political, industrial, psychological, emotional realsm. Even If you don’t know it, You can feel it.

there is no time for single issue activism. we desperately need a leaP in Consciousness and behavior; we need holistic, systemic onboarding. heal intersecting broken systems—physical, political, social, economic, industrial, ecological. see ones self as part of an integrated whole. create systemic thinkers.

Perhaps we have gone too far from village life, where clean natural resources, farming, community, and crafting would prevent most ailments, anxieties, and destructiveNess. Your brother would likely not be an addict, your sister wouldn’t suffer such depression if we were raised with feet planted in the ground, rites of passage, Fewer and respected Roles, the guidance of elders—reinforcements that give us purpose, a place in the universe, support, and knowledge of our duty to all other living beings.

Just to function somewhat normally these days—let alone optimally—takes extra effort, intention, and constant sifting, filtering, and discerning through the “Bad,” for good.

But if we look at the mess we face on a spiritual level, we might say that it has a purpose. Maybe it has been subconsciously self-willed, evolutionarily, divinely designed, to force humandkind to the next level of consciousness.

What an honor, the opportunity to face the challenges of our generation, which, if hurdled/met (through biological, ecological, emotional intelligence), would set a greater, more sustainable peace upon our Planet than our short human history has possibly ever known, given the alternative path.

It is said that we subconsciously choose relationships that rub salt in our wounds, ultimately affording us the opportunity to heal and grow, breaking patterns and legacies that need not be passed down through future generations.

What are we doing with our very large brains, the crowning glory of human superiority, if not getting better?

The most powerful and the most destructive force on earth might be human consciousness.

In the village, I would be a maker, a crafter, the cook, and a seer, nourishing my people with a bid for integrity in a more just and sound world.

Love keeps trying. This is my work: