Just over a year ago, I pulled the rug out from under my life and left a 10-year relationship in which I had had helped raise a child. 

To deal with an undoing—a wilderness—and come out strong, you have to access psychological territory you've never drawn upon, conjure nourishment from nothingness, bring the highest into practice, into the mundane. Time has to be made. To sit in the dark until you clear the decks. 

I'm not done. But.

I recovered the ancient—my intuition, creativity, sexuality; I unearthed what had been buried in the ground.

It took a year, and this is site collection is what came out during that time. 

It's not only about me. It's about our unique capability to thrive on all energies—life forces and death forces and everything in between...and stay full, alive and awake, with love.


Ruby Roth