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"This is a powerful and important book. Farm animals have emotions similar to our pets and this is conveyed in Roth’s enchanting illustrations. It will make children - and their parents – think. But it will not lead to nightmares, rather respect and compassion for the creatures whose wellbeing is in our hands."
Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace 

"Everyone should eat a little lower on the food chain, and here are some great ways to get started. My guess is, young people will introduce their elders to many of these kitchen pleasures!"
— Bill McKibben, NYT best-selling author of EAARTHThe End of Nature, and Deep Economy and founder of 350.org

"Ruby Roth has done it again. Never has being vegan been more beautifully illustrated than in V is for Vegan. Roth's clarity, directness, and creative intelligence come through with every letter. This is a must-have for every vegan, especially those of us who are raising vegan children to know the simple and elegant power of our choices." 
Mayim Bialik, Emmy-nominated actress, neuroscientist, author, and mom

"Like many people, I knew as a child that I didn't want to eat animals. That's Why We Don't Eat Animals would have offered me the guidance and inspiration I needed to understand those instincts. This book is a must-have for anyone who loves animals." 
Alicia Silverstone, actress, animal-rights activist

“Leaping and bounding toward a more peaceable world, this heart-centered book shows just how far our actions can go when we use love to fuel change.”  
Jason Mraz, singer and songwriter

"Ruby is on a mission to share easy, plant-based recipes kids can make to stay healthy and save the world. Her recipes are written in a way that kids will understand and hand-illustrated for an added layer of fun."
Honest Company blog

"The cutest cookbook ever...one of the most well-done books I have ever seen. I am not even vegetarian or vegan, and it seriously makes me want to make these recipes for (and with) my kids."
Joy Cho, Oh Joy! blog, #1 followed Pinterest user

"In a time when we are all working to go green, I am thrilled that That's Why We Don't Eat Animals makes the connection between food and the environment, inspiring children to be aware and involved." 
Ed Begley, actor, activist

"Help Yourself crackles with dynamic images and text that convey Ruby's impressive talent for breaking down important messages about healthy eating and environmental issues with passion and a rainbow palette of ingredients...it's a complete package that delightfully beats a path to the kitchen, illustrated with vivacity and humor."
Foreword Reviews

"Inspirational, delicious, and truly fun, Help Yourself is so much more than just a cookbook; it's a revolutionary treasure. I only wish I had this as a kid!"
— Julie Morris, NYT best-selling author of the Superfood cookbook series

"With Ruby's book, kids get to have fun in the kitchen and help their parents prepare healthy, tasty dishes with compassionate and environmentally resonsible food choices."
— Tony Kanal, bassist of No Doubt

“What an enchanting and perfect little gem! This will be a long-time best seller among the ever-growing popluation of vegans—and their friends! I’m buying them in bulk for baby shower gifts.”
Rory Freedman, NYT best-selling author of Skinny B*tch and Beg
“A one-of-a-kind resource for the youngest in a growing demographic, V Is for Vegan offers families a fun and simple way to build and bond over a foundation of compassion and understanding.”
Dr. Jenn Berman, MFT, PsyD, host of VH1’s Couples Therapy, author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids

“Being a Wellness Warrior isn’t just for adults. Ruby Roth’s fabulous new book teaches children how veganism leads to personal and planetary health and happiness. Share your respect and compassion for our animal friends by reading Vegan Is Love to a little one you adore.” 
Kris CarrNew York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and wellness coach

“Ruby Roth has done us all a great service. If your children are vegetarians, or have friends who are, or are simply interested in why people might be vegetarians, this is the book for them!” 
John Robbins, best-selling author of The Food Revolution, Diet For A New America

"The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids provides a delicious hands-on way for children to make that critical connection between their own food choice to the health of our planet. Ms. Roth has so keenly crafted a simple but wonderfully effective book to empower kids to eat smartly, opening the door to thrive in a sustainable world."
— Dr. Richard Oppenlander, author of the award-winning books Food Choice and Sustainability and Comfortably Unaware; speaker, researcher, director of the non-profit Inspire Awareness Now

"This book offers a wonderful way to unite a family through the common goals of health and wellbeing for all. The healthy habits in Help Yourself will extend your child's thoughtful practices at home outwards into the world."
— Dr. Jenn Mann, author and host of VH1 Couples Therapy and The Dr. Jenn Show on Siriux XM

 "Help Yourself teaches our kids that their food choices matter for their growing bodies, our beloved animal friends, and our warming planet. I'm giving this book to every child I know!" 
— Lisa Bloom, civil rights attorney at The Bloom Firm, NYT best-selling author of Think

Vegan Is Love beautifully conveys compelling reasons to reevaluate the food we eat, clothes we wear, and entertainment we choose. Best of all, it offers children ways they can be part of the solution today.”  
Brendan Brazier, professional triathlete, best-selling author of Thrive

"An important and completely unique addition to children's literature, Vegan Is Love is a gift for newer, greener, and more compassionate generations to come." 
Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary 

"As a mother of two plant-based kids, I see the brilliance of this beautiful book and its potential to ameliorate the world for our future generations. Forget sneaking and hiding healthy ingredients! Roth has crafted wise ways of getting kids to taste and enjoy the most nutrient-dense ingredients in the world—on their own inspired accord...a mom's wish come true!"
— Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, Plant-Based Dietician, author of The Vegiterranean Diet and host of Z Living's talk show, What Would Julieanna Do?

"With vivid color and vibrant personality, Ruby gets kids of all ages cooking! Help Yourself is a joyous celebration of plant-based living and its vital message of loving youself, nurturing the world around you, and having fun with every delicious bite!"
— Anne Sage, lifestyle blogger and author of Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want

"I've never smiled so much leafing through a cookbook before. This book had my inner child leaping into the kitchen to bust out the blender. I love that we finally have a fun plant-based cookbook that children can use on a daily basis to make themselves feel like rockstars!"
— Jason Wrobel, celebrity vegan chef, wellness edutainer, and host of "How to Live to 100" on the Cooking Channel

"Profound in its mission and a joy in its simplicity, V Is for Vegan will help raise a new generation with social and environmental awareness. Roth's books offer an easy way to start the conversation early."
Ani Phyo, health and wellness expert and best-selling author of raw food lifestyle books including Ani's Raw Food Kitchen

"Ruby Roth's books provide an absolute treasure trove of insight and motivation for readers of all ages, and deserve high praise. They are a joy to experience, conveying a kind, wise message that touches your heart, soul, and spirit. Ruby's books will change the world for the better. I can't think of a better gift."
Dr. Doug Grahamauthor of The 80/10/10 Diet

“Funny, informative, and inspiring, V Is for Vegan will give already vegan kids a sense of pride, confidence, and belonging and will give non-vegan kids and adults a better understanding and appreciation for this more peaceful, sustainable way of living. The timing couldn't be better, as more families are exploring vegan lifestyles and are looking for an accessible, entertaining way to share the hows and whys of veganism with their kids. I can't wait for my son to grow older so I can read it with him.” 
Marisa Miller Wolfson, writer and director of Vegucated

"Ruby Roth's ability to speak to children about important and serious issues regarding animals is unmatched. Ruby's books are creating a new generation of children guided by justice, compassion, and empathy for those who have no voice."
Gary Smith, Evolotus PR

"Ruby Roth does it again!  V Is for Vegan is the perfect tool for teaching children about compassion and having a positive impact on the world while making it fun. Ruby's artistry will engage your kids, make them giggle, and empower them all at once. 
Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. author of Fixing It With Food, www.livenaturallivewell.com 

"Ruby's new book V is For Vegan: The ABC's of Being Kind strikes a fantastic balance between colorful, heartwarming illustrations and whimsical, conscious poetry. It gently and jovially delivers messages of kindness and compassion that all children can understand and embrace. It's the perfect introduction to veganism for kids."
Jason Wrobel, celebrity vegan chef and host of "How to Live to 100" on Cooking Channel

“This book gives young people a comprehensive view of animal rights as a lifestyle in an easy-to-digest format. It is my dream that future generations will extend their compassion to all sentient beings as part of their daily practice. This book provides the tools they need to get started.”  
 —Simone Reyes, activist, co-star of Running Russell Simmons 

“Roth’s work brings children a new viewpoint on animals that we desperately need in today’s world. Her message to stop attending dolphinariums is a great way to get children personally involved in making moral choices that are best for the animals. Dolphins belong in the sea, not in captivity.” 
Richard O’Barry, marine mammal specialist, The Cove; campaign director of SaveJapanDolphins.org

“Ruby Roth’s short, sweet, and beautifully illustrated book is a must for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and babysitters, as is her message that ‘The choice to be vegan is especially brave.’ And that goes for grown-ups, too." 
Joseph Connelly, founder and publisher, VegNews magazine
“Children love animals, and Vegan Is Love helps to nurture their natural compassion. Please give this book to the teachers, parents, and children in your life, and you will do a world of good to create a compassionate world for all.” 
Lorri Houston, founder, Animal Acres Farm Sanctuary
“Ruby Roth is a magical truth-teller, artist, and conduit to kindness. If I had my druthers, every child in the world would have compulsory homework to read her work, as compassion should be the most perfunctory lesson we learn. My vegan son is so lucky to have Roth’s books to guide him—for every question he has, her books provide an answer.”  
Chloe Jo Davis, founder of Girlie Girl Army

"A refreshing, sympathetic, and attractive book that children are smart enough to understand, embrace and grow up a little by reading." 
Ingrid Newkirk, founder, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

"Stunning artwork, meaningful content, and a message that will inspire—this book is a must-read for every child." 
Rory Freedman, bestselling author of Skinny B*tch

"Where adults are more firmly entrenched in their ways, children need only the slightest insights and guidance, and off they soar into the direction of a more conscious and kind way of living.  This book will help to create the much needed healers and leaders of tomorrow." 
Kathy Freston, NY Times bestselling author of Quantum Wellness 

"Roth beautifully illustrates why we all love animals when we get the chance to experience their families and personalities. No one would want to eat their pet. Ruby helps us to understand how we can end suffering on Earth and all become healthy by letting animals be free, just like you and me. That's Why We Don't Eat Animals is a book I recommend to all parents and children." 
David Wolfe, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, founder of Sun Food

"This book captures the imagination with its illustrations that subtly helps children understand the ancient teachings that animals have souls. Animals are our friends and we do not eat our friends. In this understanding it helps us create a more compassionate world." 
Gabriel Cousens, M.D. author of Creating Peace By Being Peace, Conscious Eating, and Spiritual Nutrition

“This is one of the most innovative children’s books of the century. Beautifully crafted and worded, it is the first that speaks to children about this subject. Finally, a book that supports my family’s choices!” 
Justin BUA, artist, author of The Beat of Urban Art

"Being a mother and a grandmother, I welcome Ruby Roth’s beautiful book! This much-needed book will help me to explain my vegetarian views to my precious grandchildren." 
Victoria Boutenko, Award-winning author of Green For Life and 12 Steps To Raw Foods

"We don't eat animals because the animals used for food aren't any different than dogs, cat or any of the animals we love as pets in our homes. We must stop consuming the decaying flesh of animals in order to evolve, and in order to survive." 
Persia White, actress, activist, musician

“Ruby Roth's words are true and her art fantastic. Non-human animals deserve not just an end to our barbaric treatment of them but our respect and empathy as well. To that end Ruby Roth's book should be in every school curriculum, every library and on every bookshelf.” 
Audrey Colman, best-selling illustrator, Walter the Farting Dog

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